Robin Romeo was professionally trained as an attorney and practiced for over thirty years as a counselor, advocate, arbitrator and mediator.  Her shamanic studies began more than ten years ago following a life-threatening illness.  

She is certified as a Light Body Healer by Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.  Robin received the thirteen rites of initiation into shamanism by the Q'ero shamans in Peru. She is as an initiate of the Path of Pollen in The Way of the Melissae in the UK.  

Robin continues her studies across diverse traditions including Norse and Celtic practices.  By studying a wide variety of cultures and traditions she hopes to preserve ancient practices and use her abilities to promote holistic healing and ceremonial practices.

  Education and Experience
  • 1975-1977   Yoga Teacher, Erie Community College
  • 1980  Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Buffalo
  • 1983  Juris Doctorate, SUNY Buffalo
  • 1989-2001
    • Workshops with Carolyn Conger, Gabrielle Roth, Anna Ivara, Linda Leonard, Shakti Gawain, Nancy Qualls Corbett, James Wanless
    • Voice Dialog, Psychic healing with Levent Bolukbasi, Meditation at Kripalu
    • Drama and theater classes with David Kaplan 
  • 2002-2008
    • Native American shamanism with Sundust Oracle Institute at Bastyr University, Astrology and Tarot studies 
  • 2009 to Present
    • Sacred Trust UK: Way of the Melissae, Arte Triptych Melissae, The Trembling Veil, Lyceum
    • Four Winds Society: Certified Light Body Healer
    • Betsey Bergstrom: Mediumship, Depossession, Seidr, Energy Hygiene, Curse Unraveling
    • 5 Rhythms with Kate Shela and Christine Havens 

To hear more about Robin's journey into shamanism watch the interview above on conscious evolution media.